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71 years ago, our first prime minister had made his famous “Tryst with Destiny” speech that awakened India to a new era- the era of Independence. Today as we celebrate the 72nd Independence Day of the largest democracy of the world, perhaps it is time that we also look back on the journey we had and identify the mistakes that could have been avoided. Every nation has some dark moments in its history and India is not an exception. However what truly differentiates a great nation from another is how it bounces back from the ruins. And we must agree and give ourselves credit for keeping on fighting even when the odds were not in favour of us. Perhaps that is the reason because of which even after fighting a number of wars,experiencing communal conflicts, getting devastated by natural and man-made disasters, India still is the fastest growing economy in the modern world with the credit of launching the cheapest space shuttle to Mars along with many other significant achievements which outweigh our failures by a large margin. This gives us hope that sooner rather than later India will reach its full potential as one of the greatest nations of the world and fulfill the dreams of the uncountable number of people on the bed of who’s sacrifice this nation grows. Jai Hind. Happy Independence Day. Caption Courtesy: Arghyanil Bhattacharjee Blog Courtesy: Satrajit Mandal PC: La Obscura Our Blog: https://laobscuraiitkgp.blogspot.com/